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Terrycloth's Journal
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Saturday, December 28th, 2002

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Well, tonight Lazar didn't feel up to running the game, but we met at his house anyway ostensibly to talk about technology in his system for the next game. We basically decided that it was pretty much going to have to be up to the GM to do ad-hoc, and since he wasn't there talking about it was kind of silly. We discussed characters a bit, and it looks like we're going to have:

  • a sentient space-ship

  • a dread pirate vaccuum-adapted otter

  • a robot of some sort

  • a half human/half rabbit thingie

I'm not sure the GM wants to run a transhuman game, but it looks like that's what he's getting. He also told us that nanotech was common. Given our groups... particular inclinations, I suspect that was a HORRIBLY BAD IDEA.

We also watched Escaflone the Movie, which was pretty terrible. At least I know where Leto's icons come from, though. }:P Mostly we just chatted, and sang songs to torture each other.

Getting there was a pain... there are three ways to get to Lazar's house from mine: 140th ave, 148th ave, and I-405 (which is never a good choice). 140th is closest, but it was completely blocked off by emergency vehicles -- the whole huge line of cars I was in had to do U-turns into a solid line of traffic, then wait in the now even more solid line while ambulances periodically rushed past, resetting the 2-minute cycle of the lights to make us NEVER EVER MOVE. I was caught in the trap for 15 minutes.

After I got out of that, the power was out all along 148th and the Coal Creek Parkway. Some of the intersections had flares put out so that you knew to stop. Some of them. That didn't actually slow me down much, but it was annoying.

Current Mood: amused

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