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Terrycloth's Journal
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Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

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Too Cruel to be Kind
In today's episode of my little pony, we learn that... that...


Why, Fluttershy, whyyyyyy!

Everypony in Ponyville is a jerk. Especially male pegasusisisis. And angel bunny. OH MY GOD ANGEL BUNNY. And Fluttershy. Did I mention Fluttershy?

I really liked:
The goats.
The catchphrases.
Bon Bon getting yet another voice actor... and the other background pony in the same scene getting her last voice actor, just in case you didn't think it was on purpose. Not the rest of that scene though -- ewww.
Fluttershy's Doom Lair.
The way Iron Will dealt with Fluttershy's door.
Pinkie Pie except for the repeated 'duck season wabbit season' joke.
...although I did think it was neat that her friends were COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT at being 'assertive'. It worked for them, but that's not really assertiveness.
"He's not a monster he's a MINOTAUR!"

But I didn't like:
'Doormat' Fluttershy whining about people cutting in line after it was already too late to do anything about it.
Everypony in Ponyville being that much of a jerk.
The ending was... meh.

Eh, but whatever. It was fun for the most part.

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Casino of Destiny
Friday night we played some Pathfinder. Working for the mafia, yay!

game summaryCollapse )

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