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Terrycloth's Journal
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Friday, October 26th, 2012

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Mission Impossible?
I've been playing non-ironman in x-com so that I can reload after a mission completely fails. As a result, I'm stuck on a mission that's completely failed twice now.

It's a terror mission with two mutons, a berzerker, two cyberdisks (with drones), and three chrysalids. And 18 civilians that eventually become more chrysalids, because the map is AWFUL. You start in a tiny parking lot with two cars for cover, with a huge building nearby with WEIRD sight-lines where all the action happens.

The first try I was cautious and ended up stuck in the parking lot while enemies swarmed out of the building at me -- I had nowhere to retreat to when the cars were lit on fire and was just overwhelmed. Maybe if my soldiers had hit more than 10% of their '80% chance to hit' shots... maybe. To add insult to injury, the aliens killed the two civilians cowering in the extraction zone before finishing off my last soldier.

The second try I rushed into the building, and as a result ended up being attacked from four sides (one of them *above*) while trapped in a tiny storage room with nowhere to retreat to except the parking lot which was now full of aliens.

I think the main problem is that this squad is just not up to killing cyberdisks. The two snipers are useless, the heavies don't have HEAT ammo yet, and the supports never get a chance to heal anyone because, swarmed.

I think I need to reload from an earlier save and send a different squad. Or hope that I randomly get a different map. Or just have my squad get off the plane, look at the map, and immediately extract because, ugh. x.x

Current Mood: annoyed

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