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Terrycloth's Journal
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Saturday, May 16th, 2015

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Fuck Wasteland 2
I want to like this game, but it's just so broken. I guess maybe if you were playing it out of a walkthrough and knew exactly what to do at each step? Because you can't really figure it out logically -- things just sort of randomly happen and screw you. Only not random, they're pre-set so you can save and reload a lot and maybe eventually figure it out. Ugh.

I already messed up three sidequests in Highpool because one of them, I didn't see a door that was hidden on the back-side of a building, one was badly scripted and the NPC ran away when I approached and I never got it (that was a super-important one that would have given me an extra party member, too), and one said that I had to repair a water thingie to save this guy's house, but wouldn't let me use the repair skill or interact with it in any way as far as I can tell.

That was enough to make Highpool not elect Kate mayor, which apparently means everything is awful forever and the NPCs will keep rubbing it in my face every time I walk down the hall in HQ. I was about to start shooting, but I turned off the game instead.


Today I'm supposed to save a kid from drowning. I somehow figure out that using a shovel on a totem pole will rescue him, but you have to pick the right totem pole or instead of landing near him it'll land on him and kill him. There are no visual cues which is which. He's another extra party member.

Then there's the house where you walk inside and talk to a guy to turn in a quest you started in Ranger HQ, and a boss suddenly appears literally in the middle of your party, goes twice before anyone in your party can act, and kills at least two people. So I guess, DON'T GO IN THAT HOUSE, EVER.

Oh, and then one of the people in town told me to find Kekkebah in the meeting hall, so I go to the meeting hall and click on the door, and it explodes and then suddenly everyone is shooting me. What the fuck.

That was the end of today's session. And I just don't think there are enough good things in the game to put up with this crap. Combat is boring as hell and the skills are ten variations on 'click on object to get random loot, otherwise miss random loot'.

So, yeah. I think I'm done with this crappy-ass game.

Current Mood: aggravated
You Smooze, you... schmooze, I guess.
This week's MLP was much less of a disappointment than this week's attempt at playing a game. In today's episode, Discord learns that he needs to stop being such a self-centered jerk.

Or something.Collapse )

Still, a very funny episode. 3/3

Current Mood: amused

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