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Screw you, Seattle!

I got a parking ticket, today, for parking by an expired meter, which is clearly marked 'monday through friday, 9am - 6pm'. I don't think it's worth fighting a $25 ticket, though... and to be fair the top of the mon-fri sign says 'metro transit only', so perhaps we were supposed to assume that the meter was in effect when the sign was not, despite the label on the reverse that says you have to pay 'during the marked hours'. And the reason I never got ticketed for parking there before was that this was a big game day for the University of Washington and parking was really tight, so unlike most nights they actually went out on the weekend to check.

Still, this means that I know precisely ZERO places to park in Seattle, instead of the one I thought I knew. I hate Seattle. I want to -- eh, you know.

Anyway, I was in seattle for the RPGA game day. We played a couple rounds of Living Force... my god, what idiot wrote these modules?

Module 1: 'Oh, no a tidal wave! Run away!' We run away and save people. 'Please recover the meteor for us, but watch out for pirates.' We recover the meteor. Pirates attack. We capture them. The end.

Module 2: By going back after the first unpleasant scene to ask the guy DOWN THE HALL who sent us on our investigation why no one is cooperating with us, we immediately trigger an assassination attempt and short-circuit 90% of the module. The one combat we get in is an unwinnable puzzle fight where you have to figure out that the light-side jedi attacking you were duped into doing so and convince them to stop. Module ends in about 1 hour (out of a 5 hour slot).
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