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Doh! Kaho...

Apparently, on closer reading, Kaho Minamo Historian is not the improved version of Isochron Scepter -- you play the actual cards she removes, so after playing them once they're no longer removed. Instead, they're in your graveyard. So, I'll have to take her out, probably in favor of Meloku or something. This might make the deck better overall, since (like I said) she was always kind of a booby prize for a polymorph.

I also experimented with taking out the Genjus, and somehow the deck got worse, even though the Genjus were slow and clunky... I think maybe it's just the Genju of the Fallses that are inappropriate, and I should put the cedars back in. The cedars are big enough to actually block weenies without dying, after all.

Anyway, the deck is (or will be) something like:
12 forests
10 islands
4 rampant growth
4 kodama's reach
4 polymorph
4 reach through mists
3 sift
2 confiscate <-- amazingly useful, and the deck can cast them; might go to four
2 keiga the tide star
2 gleancrawler
2 sensei's divining top
2 genju of the cedars
2 sosuke's summons <-- need more of these... might use spiritual visit; I have a lot of other arcane spells
2 naturalize <-- if I go all arcane, these'll be Wear Aways
2 reclaim <-- with Kaho gone, I'll replace these with the 2G version that puts it in your hand
1 jugan the falling star <-- not really all that good in this deck. Replace with Uyo?
1 Meloku the clouded mirror
1 moonring mirror
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