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I've been feeling really sleepy at night, lately. This is annoying, because I don't have any video game or other activity right now that wakes me up -- there's a bunch that are interesting enough not to substantially increase my level of ennui, but if I start out tired...

While I was still awake enough, I played a little CoV, starting a new character (because I figured that if I fell asleep while playing, I at least wouldn't get debt). I made a stone/dark brute named Gnomorre, who got his powers from a formula developed by genetically altering a fossilized demon. Paragon and the Rogue Isles are lousy with fossilized demons, after all.

It's kind of fun, although I miss a lot. 'I miss a lot' is synonymous with 'I'm playing a low level character' of course. I did still get sleepy around level 6 (took 2 hours only because I got in a group, which slowed down my levelling considerably), and went on some MUCKs instead.

The MUCKs were all pretty boring, although not *totally* dead. I ended up watching a lot of TV, which was fine because I had some backlog from the weekend... argh, the DVR recorded One Piece instead of Naruto. [shudder] One Piece is like Ed Edd and Eddy -- it's a show so horrible that I'll turn off the TV to avoid having it on in the background.

Totally crashed around midnight, though. Sigh. v.v

This morning, I played a little more CoV (almost got to 8th in the half hour I can squeeze in before work) then walked to work... ow ow ow, my left calf's so sore, and I don't know why. It feels like it wants to twist to the side with every step, and stopping it from doing that is a strain?
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