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Got Aci up to 35, and actually did a little grouping with someone from the guild. I didn't realize it until after they accidentally quit the group, they asked to be invited back through guild chat. Had to quit early, though, because of another 'OMFGhugelagburst' of the sort that's started happening recently from time to time. It's really aggravating.

Oh, the guild isn't breaking up after all -- one of the leaders was defecting, and spread some FUD to try to lure people into quitting with him and joining the new guild. Joy 9.9 It actually worked on several people, including the only person I actually knew from the damn guild. x.x Ahwell, it's not like I knew her because she was in the guild or anything.

Later, I came back and played my low-level brute for a bit. Based on advice from stone melee guides, I took Fault, and I think that was a mistake. It has a reeeeally low accuracy, as in 'AoE control' type accuracy, and a fairly short duration -- in other words, it'll be useful once I slot it up with SOs, so I should have left it 'till after 22. Now I'm committed to delaying stamina by 2 levels because I took it now (everything between 10 and 24 is non-optional now), and it probably won't help me much.

I also should have taken Air Superiority instead of stone fist. I'm not going to have room for AS now, at all, ever, and it does the same damage with added knockdown.

Regardless, do I like playing the brute? Am I having fun with him?

... well, no, not really.

Also not especially looking forwards to family visiting this weekend. Dunno why... it should have been long enough that I'd be looking forwards to seeing them again, but all I can think of is that it'll eat up the whole weekend and I'll be already exhausted by the time Monday rolls around.

Maybe I should just tell my boss I'm taking next Monday off, that might let me enjoy the visit more.
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