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Grouped some with other people in Chaos Army last night. It was kind of... well, let's see. The high-ranking guidmaster who joined us for a couple missions was cool. The not-quite-as-high-but-still-outranking-me corruptor ('tainted violet?') was... well... Leeroy Jenkins. But that was okay, as long as I wasn't lagged, because most Dark stuff works just as well after the enemies are awake. I lagged a lot, though. In particular, just before every boss.

No, the person I wanted to kill was JadeSummoner, the worst plant/psi dominator I've ever seen. Despite being essentially powerlevelled (the team was 37 37 35 (me) 29 (him), and he was my lackey instead of one of the 37s) he constantly complained that we were doing story arc missions instead of scumming 'find the glowy' newspaper missions.

So after the higher levelled people left, I picked up one of those and stealthed to the freaking glowy to make him happy, but of course we had to kill off the whole room for some reason so whine whine whine...

"I have to go see a friend in Mercy to give him influence. I'll be right back."
"Well, okay, I guess I'll try to recruit a few more people."

By the time I found anyone, he should have been on his way back. But he wasn't. "I can't find him!" Time passes. He starts chatting with his friend, only his half of the conversation is in team chat. About the same time I'm fed up and about to start the mission without him, the people I recruited quit, and I don't blame them at all.

I quit too.

Oh, he was also constantly pestering me to beg any higher levelled person we passed in the street to powerlevel us. "If you want to be powerlevelled, go ahead, but don't involve me in it."

Speaking of powerlevelling, it was obvious that he'd been PL'd. PAINFULLY obvious. None of the things above are why he was the worst plant/psi dominator I've ever seen -- he didn't take Seeds of Confusion (widely known as the best power in the set) or his *single target hold*. How can you skip the single target hold?! All he did was lay down vines (which does nothing until enemies are actually dead) and occasionally (not very often) fire off a weak psi attack. So, basically, I was soloing with him tagging along.


Later on, I checked out the bases of various people in our coalition. I'd already seen our own base, which looked functional if a bit bare-bones. It had six dimensional anchors in slightly inconvenient places to reach -- you basically had to take and hold the room before you'd be able to attack them. Seemed like a good precaution.

But then I went to the Order of the Illuminati's base, and at first I couldn't even *find* them. Eventually I spotted them -- there's a ceiling piece you can use that completely blocks line-of-effect, and they were in little cubbies *above* those pieces. So, either, (a) those pieces can be destroyed during a raid, or (b) they're freaking cheaters. Given that neither the anchor or the ceiling piece was *targettable*, my money's on (b).
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