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Mutiny on the Promethea

Had a session of Lazar's game Friday night. Many pirate chanteys were sung!

After gathering up what they could, the party booked passage on the Promethea, most of them working for their passage, but a few (Jeff and Klazko) paid for with some coral coins Wayne still had on him (since he hadn't been captured and searched by the army). The crew and the town were both very hostile to witchcraft of any sort, and in the process of explaining away their weird floating cart (the people did at least know what Levicus was) Wayne managed to tell the superstitious sailors that they were under a curse. Luckily, Jardin was on hand to take over the negotiations.

As soon as the voyage started, they could tell that things were bad. The army was not far behind them, and gaining. The food supplies were infested with weevils, which Rudy fried up and fed to the crew. Said crew was rowdy and kept under control by an oarmaster who beat and shouted them into submission. The captain was a drunken fool, the cabin boy an aristocratic snob, the accountant a counterfeiter, and the ship itself a total wreck.

Wayne tried to subtly use magitech to slow down the fleet behind them, wanting to stay ahead of the enemy, but either his attempt worked and had side effects, or it just plain backfired, or else they were just unlucky, and a storm arose, tossing their little ship around like a cork and basically making everyone miserable. They survived without *irreperable* damage, but the fleet had gained on them during the storm, having its own magitech practitioners who didn't need to hide from a crazy priest.

Speaking of which, the crazy priest found a badly made magitech item in one of the crew's quarters, and the crew was in an uproar, ready to force him to walk the plank! Wayne talked them down, though, pointing the blame for the storm at the fleet following them, who had obvious magitech alterations to their ships. "Which do you think is more likely, that this piece of... junk brought the storm, or the dozens of witches in the fleet following us? He's not a witch, he's just stupid. Besides, if he *is* a witch and we throw him overboard, the other witches will probably not be very happy with us, and they look well armed..."

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of their troubles. Their food went bad, and the captain refused to stop for more supplies (they'd just barely left port, still, and were passing the inhabited islands offshore) because (a) they were broke and (b) their cargo was perishable. After failing to convince the Kwii (a land-capable squid) on the crew to hunt for dinner, Wayne offered to weave a fishing net for them out of spare rope. Enchanting it to fill up with fish would be too obviously magical, though, so instead he enchanted it to summon a sea monster, which he presumed they could then kill and eat, like they had the swimmy in the glowing lands.

Before he could test it, though, there was a mutiny -- the oarmaster and the captain killed each other, with a bit of help from the cabin boy. Perrel did what he could without magic, but that wasn't much, unfortunately. The oarmaster, being an Ur-Kalmarr, was able to survive without his Ur body, instead being forced to inhabit the ship's pet dire rat. In his new form he was not able to keep control of the crew, to say the least. The cabin boy, as an aristocrat whose father could pay the crew at the journey's end, was acclaimed as the new captain.

But what sort of journey should they have? They could try to complete the original captain's trade mission, but doing that had driven the crew to mutiny in the first place -- and it would have been far bloodier if he hadn't been killed off in the relatively quick coup. They could turn pirate, or maybe privateer (the new captian's father was a king who could provide them a Letter of Marque to use against the witch-fleet), but that would be dangerous. They could just put in at the nearest port and sell the ship to pay the crew... Jardin had another suggestion -- the passengers really really wanted to get to the far side to continue on to Jirae, so they could guarantee the crew's wages on arrival by selling off some of their personal treasure (the levicus and iron of the danger room was really all they had left at this point).

They decided to go with that. Since their supplies were low, they broke open their erstwhile cargo, which was full of spices and lemons. The lemons were added to the food stores, and the spices dumped for better speed.

Wayne's net, unfortunately, worked exactly as designed, and failed to catch many fish. The sea serpent didn't *quite* destroy the ship, but they didn't manage to kill and eat it either. The priest gave him a smug look -- obviously recognizing the magitech -- but for some reason didn't turn him in.

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Presumably, Perrel's sister stuck around long enough to verify that they were actually taking passage on the ship, then flew across the sea on her invisible dog to wait for them instead of enduring the long, annoying voyage.
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