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Season of Sickness

Friday's game was cancelled because of stressful things for Lazar and Sandy, so I just ended up playing CoH. While building a team with Aci, someone from the guild asked if he could tag along... he was level 14, I was 36. So I said 'okay, okay', and waited around to teleport him to the mission once he got into the zone (so that he didn't die in transit).

And waited. And waited. And my team got impatient, but at least this team decided to start the mission without me instead of just quitting and doing their own thing -- when the stupid guildmate finally disconnected, I was able to catch up, and we did a couple more missions together and had fun.

A different time, over the weekend, I got in a team by asking on Coalition chat. They were doing PvP in Warburg... which I was high enough level to get into, but not high enough to be set to the same level as everyone else, so I was pretty useless. All that was happening anyway in the whole zone was that a swarm of scrappers were camping the edge of the villain safe zone, assassinating anyone who stepped over the line... and some brutes were stepping over the line to lure them into a fight, then trying to kill them. In about a half hour, one person died -- brutes and stalkers can't really kill each other before the other can run. And stalkers can't even *see* each other.

Satuday I spent some time over at Anna's, since mom was still in town... everyone was still sick, only Stevie was even more sick then before -- he was throwing up all over everything. There really wasn't much to be done except dodge and/or clean up throw up. They put on a movie that I wasn't really that interested in, so when everyone else started dozing off I headed home.

Sunday, no one showed up to the game except Tom (and Michelle, since we were playing at her house). Again. So we played Settlers of Catan, again, and Tom won, again, through the same 'happen to get a lot of victory points in development cards even though I don't really buy all that many' strategy. Yay.

Afterwards I headed down to Legend's and he played Mirrormask, which was still pretty cool on a second watching... got to snuggle some, and play a few games of magic, although the new Polymorph deck didn't get much play because it was enough like a control deck to die against the anti-control-deck control-decks peopel were playing (izzetron and owling mine). Apparently, the people I play with there started doing a tournament every week on Fridays, and so they've basically taken apart all their decks except for a single really good one. I'm not *completely* outclassed... but I am outclassed. Blah.

Did at least get some snuggle time in. -.- Although Twidget got weird and started biting off my toenails. O.o
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