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So angry...

Last night's CoV wasn't a lot of fun.

I usually try to solo a mission before looking for a team, because (a) it gives me time to get invited to a pre-existing team, which is less work than forming my own, and (b) it's generally more relaxing than dealing with other people. Oh, and (c) I need some time for my connection to (mostly) stabilize before inflicting my laziness on others.

It was not more relaxing this time. The mission ended with a pair of bosses right next to each other -- the multiple-re-rezzing Wailer King and the end-draining, mezzing Ring Mistress. Just like the last mission, which I eventually got help to get past.

This time I decided to be stubborn and finish it on my own. It took a lot of tries, and three entire trays of inspirations. The annoying part was that I got SO CLOSE on the very FIRST try when I still had good (as opposed to store-bought) inspirations... I was just stupid and killed the Wailer King first. He of course immediately came back to life -- I didn't realize that Wailer Kings *always* come back to life, but I'd seen them do it before. If I'd only taken down the Ring Mistress...

Anyway, I was really really pissed after all that and logged off for a while to play Civ4 and watch Lost. Civ4 is pretty much won at this point. I've colonized the entire new world (except for a single Japanese colony up in the tundra) and have some ridiculously productive cities to pump out units, along with a hefty tech advantage (stealth bombers and modern armor against riflemen). Plus, the second-place empire, which is also the only one I share a border with, loves me to death. I'm wondering if I really need to play this one out.

Lost was pretty interesting -- it didn't advance the plot at all, of course, but Hurley as a crazy person was kind of funny. Of course, he's not the first person to see things that aren't there on the island, but I guess maybe he didn't know about Jack's father or the polar bear?

Ahwell. Late at night, I went back on CoV and got in a really good team... which broke up after one mission, because they were all going to bed. Then I got on a competent but boring team doing EQ2-style street-hunting, where you circle in a territory just large enough to respawn by the time you make a cycle, killing the same groups of enemies over and over. Yaawn. v.v
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