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Huh? Continue or load game?

Kingdom Hearts 2 is starting to really piss me off. There are so many fucking cutscenes between the tiny parcels of action they dole out that it's painful, and it is only action -- no puzzles or platforming or anything this time. Plus the action is mostly really easy, which is good because you can't fucking tell what the hell is happening onscreen most of the time.

This latest boss takes the cake -- apparently, being at full health is no protection from the secret bonus objective of doom which pops up midfight as an unobtrusive notice in one corner of the screen. Did I mention things were so chaotic that it was nearly impossible to figure out what was going on? I only realized this bonus objective existed when a big '3 2 1' appeared onscreen. Needless to say, three seconds was not enough time to complete it.

And it wasn't even like he charged up his super-move because you failed to do X or something (I didn't actually catch what I was supposed to do before the screen suddenly went black), he just sort of automatically won with no explanation, dumping you unceremoniously to the reload screen. WTF?

'Continue', of course, restarted you BEFORE the 15 fucking minutes of cutscenes preceeding the fight. Thank you so very fucking much you assholes.

I think I'm not playing that stupid game any more today. At least today.
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