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Boss Battles and Deus Ex

Had a session of Tom's game today -- enough people showed up for it. Eric was the only one missing. Shawn was there, running the bad guys, which meant THREE sets of screaming children. 9.9 Dave showed up briefly for some reason, but ran away when he saw that the rest of the group was there.

So, after the fiasco of the day before, Rhiannon, Morgan, and Zanzibar decided to press onwards to explore the rest of the tower while Rainna and the two Samuels went down out of the damage-over-time field. Rhiannon and Morgan were protected against the life-draining effects of the tower, and Zanzibar was merely certain that they'd fail if the two of them pressed on alone, and in possession of enough 'cure light wounds' potions and wands that he felt he could keep ahead of the very slow damage for a bit.

In the very next room, they found the necromancer at the back of a room full of dancing ghosts, guarded by a pair of minotaur zombies, pressing a large stone into his chest. Rhiannon failed to turn any of the undead, and was then drawn into a dance by one of the ghosts. Morgan was blocked from charging the necromancer by a zombie, and started fighting the zombie instead. Zanzibar tried to zap the stone with one of his rays, but missed and hit the zombie providing cover.

So, unfortunately, the necromancer was able to remove his own heart from his chest and place it into the huge pile of bones he was standing on, which animated into a bone golem. The necromancer fled through a secret passage while the bone golem proceeded to smash the zombies to bits. Morgan stood there whirlwinding the ghosts and zombies, while Zanzibar pulled out wand after wand in an attempt to find something effective -- fireball, not so much. Rod of 'Wonder' ['summon random 6hd critter from the MM3'] brought out a couple of oozes, that distracted the bone golem for a few rounds.

As the necromancer tried to flee down the passage (but was tripped by Morgan) he fired off a web, pretty much filling that half of the room, then teleported himself and Morgan into the secret chamber with the necromancer (who'd managed to close the secret door behind himself). This proved to be a very, very bad idea.

The necromancer blasted Zanzibar (who'd already been severely stat drained by a ghost) with a spell that removed half his hit points and turned them into another web, this one made out of his blood vessels. Morgan and Zanzibar blasted and smashed him repeatedly, trapped next to him double webbed in the room, but nothing had any effect -- he seemed to ignore all damage. "Gah, we probably have to kill the golem first!"

Of course, the golem was trapped outside the room, with the helpless Rhiannon and a bunch of ghosts. Rhiannon eventually made all her saves against the ghosts, though, leaving them helpless against her, so they went ethereal and resumed dancing. The remaining zombie (one had been killed by the golem in its zeal to get to Morgan before he'd ddoored away) kept flailing away at her uselessly... but the golem was kicking her butt.

As it struck the killing blow, however, her life was saved by an agent of Lethander -- a 'Death Angel', which took the blow intended for her and proceeded to beat down the golem with a massive magical sword. The necromancer (who saw this happen, as Morgan had re-opened the door) tried to protect the golem's remains with a wall of ice, and when that did nothing with his own body -- but the angel stabbed THROUGH his body to impale the concentrated evil of his errant heart, killing him.

Zanzibar Shattered his corpse, to be sure he was really dead. And he was really dead. Really, *really* dead after the shattering. They'd also contaminated his cloning vats with their own DNA, so he probably wouldn't be coming back this time. Well, unless he had other active clones tooling around out there.

After some quick looting, they rejoined the rest of the party in the dining room on the same floor -- the infinite supply of trivially weak undead had been too much for them, and they'd come up to brave the damage-over-time field. To their surprise, the angel's blessed aura negated the damage, so the party *could* continue upwards as a group.

The next floor seemed to be the roof of the tower, which was surprising as the tower should have had several more floors. There were no signs of enemies, at first... but before long they were ambushed by a swarm of flaming spiders, summoned by a horrific creature seemingly made up of insects. He was atop a twenty foot rampart, protected by a spell that reflected arrows and a sphere of invulnerability which hedged out all the party's magic.

Morgan and Rhiannon found the ladder to the top, though, and he didn't want to stand and fight them in melee, so he turned into a swarm of insects (negating various readied actions intended to zap him if he left the safety of his sphere et al) and relocated to a small enclosure at a corner of the roof. The angel used her Wall of Blades to trap him there -- if he tried to turn into a swarm and fly though it... it would really hurt.

However, he was mostly a spellcaster, and seemed content to take the cover bonus from the wall of blades while pummeling the party with evil spells from the book of vile darkness. He also had some exploding zombies that didn't get two steps before being set off. Ouch for him!

But he *was* pinned down, and the party was slowly damaging him... sooner or later, it seemed like he would fall. Did he have more tricks up his sleeve?

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We stopped there, in the middle of the battle. I went home and watched Nausicaa and the Valley of the Winds. Wow, it was different than the old comics I'd read years and years ago. Sappy ending, too.
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