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It took three more tries, but I eventually got past that one stupid boss battle in Kingdom Hearts 2. Turns out the timer was *10 seconds* on the mid-battle bonus objective... I don't think that was at all fair, especially since I eventually passed it purely by luck.

When I finally got back to the world map, I discovered that half the map had disappeared again, including a gummi-ship level and world that I hadn't gone to yet. I hope that doesn't mean I'll never see them. It was annoying because I'd decided to do more gummi-ship flying (since I was still kind of angry at the storyline) and this left me with only a handful of accessible stages.

In City of Villains, I *eventually* got Aci up to 38 and got a Dark Servant pet. Still trying to figure out what exactly the pet does often enough to be worth slotting... I know it uses Tenebrous Tentacles sometimes (I wish it didn't) along with pet gaze and twilite grasp. Throwing in a couple holds and heals might be worthwhile, then?

Or maybe I want to slot other things instead, and use it mainly as a distraction.

The other game I just got is Galactic Civilizations 2, which, so far, is pretty confusing and annoying. It really isn't obvious what I'm supposed to be doing to develop my empire and/or attack the computer -- the tech tree is full of crap like a 'space weaponry' tech that increases your military production by 5% but doesn't, you know, actually give you any weapons.
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