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Doomed, doomed, so very doomed...

Just at the wrong time, Thing B hits me while I'm in the middle of Thing A. Now I really need to get Thing A done so that I can switch to Thing C for a while instead of Thing D, which I was right in the middle of it (Thing A is basically getting Thing D to a point where I can stop doing it for a while).

Unfortunately, Thing A is being rather unruly. Apparently, I've already broken everything in the world doing Thing D, even really simple things like typing or loading files. Those, at least, I can track down, hit myself, gnaw on my fingers for a while, and figure out how to fix them. There are other problems that, even without Thing B, I'd have trouble tracking down, and Thing B makes them... quite daunting.

The upshot is, I'm so doomed that I can't even get to a state where it's safe to switch which doom I'm focusing on. As required by law.

Speaking of which... where's my damned K-1? I want to file already!

If I want to sail, I need my life to be breezier.
PLEASE, god or SOMEONE make it eeeasier.
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