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Uh huh.

Well, the nerf is in, so there's no point playing Aci until I7. Bummer, since I only got him up to 38, which means I won't actually be able to see the new stuff in I7.

Also, there's an additional nerf coming in with I7 that'll make sure that to-hit debuffs are still weaker than before against any reasonable opponent (up to +3s), even with the defense rescaling.

I guess I'll have to play him some, or the guild'll kick me out. Whatever.

Started playing my plant/plant dominator a little more... wow, plant control has a LOT of skippable powers. That goes for any controller set though, really. Thorny Assault is getting less and less effective, faster than I expected... I guess dominators have a really low base damage rating, on par with controllers. Which is just stupid, since they don't even get their lame-ass controller set at full power, and their 'assault' sets are already nerf versions of blast sets -- there's nothing in Thorny Assault with a BI better than 4.5.

And Domination NEVER kicks in if you keep dying. I'm becoming very well acquainted with that. As well as with 'Domination and Hasten don't actually increase your chances of survival at all'.

Man, this week is dragging. I keep thinking it's Friday when I wake up, only to realize a little later 'oh...'. On the other hand, that's sort of a good thing, because Friday is when I'll have to give up and either file an incomplete tax return or file for an extension if I don't get the stupid forms.

The prescription medicine I got for my acne doesn't seem to be doing squat. I guess it might make them go away faster because my skin is weaker and they pop sooner. Gah, whatever. My doctor's such a tool. He's always really quick to prescribe medication for anything if he can think up an excuse, but you have to BEG him to run tests, and even then he'll ignore the results if they aren't what he wanted to see. Is he paid on commission or something?

Yes, 'Get a new doctor' is in the queue behind 'find a dentist'. Still working on that one, where 'working on' means 'waiting until I feel up to adding the additional stress'. Because I *know* any dentist I pick is going to want to do all kinds of expensive work. They're paid to create... er, I mean, find expensive problems to fix, after all. I can't imagine the solution to the minor inconveniences I currently endure won't involve weeks of pain.
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