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On the plus side...

Sometimes they have really good food at the cafeteria here. Today they had taco salads of DOOM, although the doom was optional -- contained in the chipotle hot sauce (I can't call it salsa) and stir fried jalapeno/onion mix that you could put on afterwards, along with normal things like tomatoes and sour cream.

By the end of lunch my eyes were tearing. Woof.

Yesterday, they had their 'falafel bar' which is utterly misnamed as there's no bar from which you get falafels -- just a standard falafel plate, which also has hummus and babbaganoosh or whatever it's called. 'Grey tasteless goo'. The hummus and falafel is always really good, though.

They've also started serving baked potatoes as side dishes instead of entrees. Sure, you only get sour cream and butter on them, but that's all I ever really wanted anyway, and I wasn't about to pay $4 for a potato. As a side it's more like $1.
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