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I guess that's a plan, then...

Had a session of Lazar's game last night. To address the problem of the previous session, we decided to take proactive measures to end all the fighting.

The first day of the seige, Wayne worked on the vengeance ward device, using the globe of quicksilver and the rest of his fiber optic wire. Perrel and Jardin worked on a magic eight ball, a twenty pound bowling ball-sized device that could answer questions about the future 'yes' or 'no' or 'answer hazy' or 'ask again later'.

That night, they used the magic eight-ball to help decide on a course of action. They kept throwing out ideas for how to resolve the situation with Jeff and the seat of power and the army and the city of Enochin (where the army was from) and the city of Jirae and Balthazaar... and it always came down to either not solving the problem, or solving it too well and becoming the problem in its place.

Eventually, they came up with a scheme that the magic eight ball said might work -- they'd get all the leaders of the various factions together in one place to talk it all out and come to some agreement. Using a map, they elimated potentional locations as either unsuitable for the meeting, or not survivable for them, and decided to hold it in Menichi.

Of course, there were problems with this plan -- they needed a way to get the people to the meeting, and a way to keep them from killing each other at the meeting, and it all had to be natural magic, since using witchcraft would alienate half the people involved. And, of course, they were trapped in the city by the beseiging army. Who started using catapults. And then stopped, as the city kept flinging them back.

So on the second day, Jardin and Wayne built a demon-trap to lure in Swimmies, whose hides would be suitable for natural-magic teleport gates. They got two swimmies after some trouble and injury -- swimmies were nasty critters -- which they thought would be enough, and tanned the hides, which took the rest of the day.

Perrel was mostly playing around with the city's rainwater barrels -- the city *sorted* the rainfall, so there were a whole bunch of what were effectively unidentified magical potions there for the taking! He used up the few bottles he had with him, then started using magically-treated lengths of Swimmie intestine to make some magic sausages.

On the third day, they actually built the swimmie-skin gates -- four sets of linked gates that had to be put in position by hand, which of course made them a hell of a lot safer to use. Around the time they were finishing up with that, a mushroom-studded airwhale floated in to dock with the city's tower.

It was the Luzezango they'd helped get up onto the airwhale! Apparently, the arrangement had worked out really well for them -- the airwhale liked to go snack on the Cytherians' floating islands, which made for a lot of opportunity to trade. Their initial stake was the remaining soul-destroying bugs from the whale's underside, and from there they'd bought all sorts of luxuries and ornaments. They'd also recruited some of the flying races to their little family, and gotten a *lot* more acclimated to magic -- it was everywhere! How could you shun magic when half the ports you docked with only worked because of old magical devices?

They tested one of the gates by using it to transport their remaining metal (they cut up the danger room) and levicus to the whale -- the whale was heading in the direction they wanted to go, and was high enough up to be out of reach of the army's wrath. They also traded 20% of the random potions for enough bottles to get... well... they got dozens of them. Perrel was only able to identify the least powerful ones, but they were things like Plant Control and Love and Persuasion, mostly, with a few 'healing' and 'fire breath' thrown in.

During the journey south on the airwhale, they stopped at a familiar Cytherian island -- the one Wayne had grown up on. He spent the day with his family, making excuses about why he never called or wrote, not even to his girlfriend. His mother told him that even if he couldn't actually talk to her, he should have been writing notes about his journey to her, to show her that he'd been thinking of her.

"That's a great idea!" Wayne said, and immediately went to work making a pen that would write postdated journal entries along those lines. He decided to go with the past as he remembered it rather than as it actually was, since scrying on the past was kind of hard.

They were also able to buy everything else they needed for the summit -- pacifying incense (that came premade) and plants that could be used (by Perrel) to make truth-telling paper, so that they could send a cover letter explaining the gates to the people they wanted to come to the summit, that those people (who all knew magitech) would be able to trust was honest.

They eventually disembarked from the flying whale at the centaur island -- the whale was turning west, while they had to go southeast. The centaur island had some old but seemingly functional magic boats, though, if they could only get into the tower in the center again to get some control crystals.

The dock with the magic boats was occupied, though, by some of the former slaves, although they were friendly enough. They did *not* have control of the tower, though -- a well-armed group of assorted flying races had claimed it as their territory, so neither they nor the centaurs had access.

last session | next session

Lazar seems to think that the game is coming to a climax soon (although he hinted he has some evil surprises in store for us) so Snowwy and I brainstormed some ideas for the next campaign on the way home.

We stared from "What if every single animal in the world was actually a god?" and arrived at a post-technological world where 'nature' was reclaiming the earth. Except that, of course, what was left of nature had to be carefully managed -- there was no ozone layer, the air was lousy with gene-scrambling viruses, the water was all polluted, etc. So all the animals had been repurposed for that, using sufficiently advanced technology to be indistinguishable from magic (although I get the impression that most people think of it as technology) (even though they have no idea how it works).

Domestic animals, of course, were the gods that humans were meant to interface with -- dogs would fetch things and otherwise perform services for the family they belonged to, while cats were the police who hunted down people that broke the rules, and rabbits helped managed the complicated process of having children in a world where the air was lousy with gene-scrambling viruses and no two people really looked the same anyway...

I was thinking of an 'everyone must have fur' rule -- no ozone layer, see. Without your UV-blocking fur you'd be toast! }:P
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