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...kept me up all night. Basically, I decided that my original character was unacceptably gimped (technically, I think Snowwy decided that, but I agreed) and started over with a *female* Argonian, focusing on ranged combat and light armor to play to the race's strengths. Also, magic.

Also, I made sure to keep one easily levelled skill for each of her primary stats in minor skills, and used those to get +5 stat mods on each level up. On the one hand, I'm not gimped. For one thing, ranged combat is ludicrously unbalanced compared to melee combat -- I'm one-hit-killing things that would pound me to the brink of death and force me to drink potions if I melee'd them. And the things that were easy to melee, are even easier to one-hit-kill. For another, I took conjuration, and the AI is not smart enough to ignore the summon. Hell, they'll break off from attacking you to run over and hit the summon instead, if you summon one midfight!

On the other hand, scumming minor skills for +5 stat mods each level... this way lies madness. It was one of the things that made me quit Morrowind in disgust, along with alchemy. I'm not good enough at Alchemy to abuse it horribly, and probably never will be since I chose it as a major skill, and therefore don't dare let it rise.

ARGH! Why did they keep the most broken, frustrating, horribly evil and counterproductive level up system in the WORLD? Why didn't they come up with something new, that encouraged you to pick skills you actually wanted to use as major skills?
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