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Ranty Rant Rant

I think I'm going to have to write Dominators off as an unplayable AT. They're just too frustratingly weak.

Actually, that's not it, although they *are* really weak -- weak damage, and unlike defenders (the closest analogue) a *weakened* version of a control set. When control is already weaker than defender primaries by a HUGE margin, ever since I5.

When Domination is active, they're about right -- they should have blaster damage and 150% controller controls to be a balanced AT. It's sad, but the defender sets (which every other squishie AT except for blasters gets) are just that good.

That's not the real reason I'm giving up on them, though -- it's the fucking aggro. As evidenced by their ludicrously tiny damage and control scale, the CoV devs have an inflated opinion of the worth of control sets, and this carries over to the AI, which will ALWAYS kill the dominator first.

Solo, not a problem. Doms can solo. *Slowly*, because they have defender damage without defender damage boosts, but well enough. In a small team, it's is survivable, if inconvenient. In a large team, it'll go something like:

Corruptor lays down tar patch and then AoEs enemies.
MM pets start attacking.
Brute charges into the fray, damage aura blazing away.
After aggro looks to be firmly established, by-now-quite-skittish Dominator throws a single-target hold.

I'd noticed the extreme aggro before, but passed it off as a byproduct of trying to use Seeds of Confusion, but last night I got fed up with constant deaths and basically stopped attacking. Now, not attacking at all *will* prevent aggro, but any attack, no matter how small, instantly shoots a dominator to the top of the hate list of all enemies that can see him, even if they weren't hit by it, and even if they're being attacked by multiple other characters.

It's insane, and not survivable in the least if there's any aggro-based people in the group. If everyone's a dominator or corruptor, then you can get the enemies under control and/or heal and live through it, but brutes and stalkers on the team mean the dominator dies in every fight.

It looks like stopping the push for +5s every level was a huge mistake. I mean, my stats look okay, but I get utterly annihilated by the Daedra I have to fight on the main quests -- I've levelled up too high, I think, seeing how the NPCs that are supposed to be assisting me die in seconds.

Meanwhile, it's a grueling 5 minute battle to kill a single Daedra, made possible only by a combination of destruction magic and a conjured skeleton guardian to distract them while I regain mana. Destuction magic goes up unbelievably slowly -- since my stealth and my arrows were worthless in Oblivion, I tediously, painstakingly killed everything in the fucking tower using destruction magic, and didn't even get a single skill level out of it. My light armor levelled up six times, though, so I gained another fucking level with +2s in stats.

The game's pretty, and fun at first, but as far as I can tell it was balanced by a team of rabid orangutangs.

And the more I play it, the more I hate the level up scheme. You have 7 major skills and only 10 skill-ups to distribute between them each level, meaning they go up about 1 point per level. This isn't even remotely enough to keep up with the enemies, which scale 'to your level', by which I mean after you get your +2 to three stats, +2 in your most important skills, and +4 hp, they're individually replaced by much harder enemies of the same general type, who have five times the hit points and armor and hit twice as hard.

You *fear* levelling up in Oblivion. It's a *bad thing*. Therefore, you *fear* using your major skills.

I also want to know what the fuck they were thinking putting *six* daedra in Kvatch on the main quest, all in one room. I can't fight six Daedra -- it takes five minutes to kill one. It takes about an hour to kill six ducking out of the church just long enough to summon a skeleton, before popping back in to regain mana and heal myself and regain mana again and heal myself more and regain mana again. The immortal NPC helped too -- he was plot-critical, so they didn't let him die -- instead he'd be 'knocked unconscious' for five minutes at a time, which was *supposed* to be the whole fight, but see above. The non-immortal supporting NPCs died almost instantly.

This probably would have been easier if I'd been more diligent about managing my level-ups.

Fucking oblivion.
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