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Still dizzy and naseous... it hasn't been *continuous* since Friday, but it's pretty persistent, and pretty obviously some sort of disease, despite its lack of normal disease symptoms like coughing or a stuffy nose.

Ugh. x.x

CoV is annoying me less since I stopped playing that stupid dominator, though... I decided to play my stalker instead, because I'm apparently a glutton for punishment, but after taking buildup at 18 (effectively giving up on stamina before, like, 28) he sucks a lot less.

He sucks exactly as much ('utterly') as my corruptor did in PvP, though, for exactly the same reason (not a PvP build == not enough accuracy and no TpFoe).

Oblivion... well, I got some better weapons, but they made better Daedra. The better Daedra are more easily distracted by summoned skeletons than clannfear, though. I also got rid of the chameleon armor that was doing fuck-all for helping me sneak, but made it hard for me to tell what I was doing, and replaced it with a mundane (and therefore easily repairable) elven curiass. I used a sigil stone on my gauntlets to get 25% fire shield... along with 18% shield from a ring, 8% fire shield from another ring, and 30% shield from a spell, I've got 81 armor (out of a possible 85) even after all my equipment is broken.

I just wish the fighter's guild would stop heckling me about getting one of their underlings killed clearing goblins out of a mine. They freaking ran off in all different directions and aggro'd all the goblins at once! WTF!

Also failed to save the brothers fighting goblins for possession of their vegetable garden, the sacrifice to Mahune Dagon, Dar-Ma from Chorrol, and the son of Cheyadin's ruler. So far, the only NPCs who've survived being in my company are the ones who get back up after they die, and one of THOSE I had to save-and-reload after he jumped into a pool of lava.
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