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I have no title to put here

Firstly, whoever designed the Llewayin[sp?] oblivion gate was a total sadist. It just went on soooo long... by the end of it, I was down to... well, invisibility potions. I had to invis past the last few enemies because I didn't think I could take them all out with destruction magic (since I was out of restore magika potions from other groups I'd had to take out with destruction after both bows and my backup dagger and my emergency staff ran out of juice). It cost me about 8000 to repair and re-equip after that fiasco... fortunately, I'd scummed about 10000 from the mage guild quest in that city, making half a dozen trips back and forth to haul about half the loot out of the dungeon.

Then (after dropping off two dozen daedra hearts and similar amounts of other oblivion components in my house) I went to Bravil, and did a refreshingly easy quest that turned out not, in fact, to be the mage guild recommendation quest, despite being given by the guildmaster.

Basically, it consisted of four tests:
(a) The test of jumping puzzles.
(b) The test of reading a map.
(c) The test of realizing that staffs are overpowered when you don't care about conserving charges.
(d) The test of being an Argonian.

Then I got in this morning and discovered that my overnight builds had failed because I was a dumbass and ran the overnight build macro for the wrong fricking build system. Fortunately, it should only take a couple hours to get a minimal build going that I can do work with. [sigh]
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