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How not to...

...check into a project:
Hey, n00b, when you make changes to core code, run *all* the quicktests, not just your app. And no, when angry developers who spent three hours tracking down your obscure change come into your office, the fact that it fixed a minor bug in two other apps does NOT mean the one you hosed is 'outvoted'.

...defend an oblivion gate:
Oh no! Three of those really annoying Daedra mages right in front of the sigil stone! They're such a pain in the butt, because they always run away instead of fighting... yeah, there they go. It's going to take forever to track them down in this stupid multi-level Sanctum. Or I guess I could just take the sigil stone, and ignore them. Yeah, let's do that.

Blah. Almost out of the stressful month of death, at least... Jury Duty Monday (and Tuesday, and maybe a bunch of days after that), need to sign a new lease for my apartment (yeah, they raised the rent, BIG SURPRISE), still need to compute what estimated taxes I owe (because in an attempt to be more 'accurate', the tax software needs information I don't have readily available)... waiting for this stupid sickness thing to pass. Still way behind at work.

So, hmm. Maybe not 'almost out' of the stress after all. Damn it.
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