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Short and Eek!

Sunday morning, I got a suspicious phone call telling me to come to Crossroads instead of Southcenter for the gathering. It sounded like Lexx, who said that 'a lot of people' were going to be there, and since it was closer and the 'lot of people' Lexx knew would probably be the magic players (and I was kind of jonesing for magic, after weeks of not playing it at all) I decided to go there.

A reasonable number of people showed up, all people I knew, basically. Not all *the* people I knew, of course... and we talked, and played magic, and then while I was distracted talking to someone, everyone left to go places I didn't know how to get to.

I remembered that Kitsunetaur had been repeatedly begging me to come over to his house (since it was like the last time he'd be able to have people over, since his landlord was taking it back and kicking everyone out), so I told Darter I'd drop him off at his place and then swing over to see if Kits was there. He wasn't. So I went home, and brooded over doom.

Today, doom. Namely, jury duty. It was worse than I expected -- I wasn't in the appeals court like last time; this time I was in the court that handled criminal cases. The jury manager person told us that they had requests for 600 jurors and only 225 of us in the pool. Out of that, I got 'most of us will have to sit through multiple voir dires', but somehow he got 'most of us would be able to go home early' since one reason the number was so high was that some of the cases asked for a pool of 60 or 70 jurors.

Guess which of us was right? Hint: I have to go back tomorrow.

We *were* let out early (before finishing voir dire, even) because they wanted to let us flee the city ahead of the peaceful protest march, which is expected to result in widespread violence. The buses were packed -- I was the second to last person let on the 550, and some of the people who didn't make it were ANGRY. The bus driver opened the back door to let someone off, and a bunch of people tried to rush it... I couldn't see if any of them made it on, though.

Anyway, by the time I got back to the park and ride I was a nervous wreck. I don't know what's wrong with me... all I did all day was fill out a couple questionairres and raise my hand twice.
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