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It is a trap!

Pet CoV peeve of the week: Attacks that don't draw aggro.

See, stalkers attacking first is suicide. Stalkers waiting until aggro is established is often a big waste of time trying to get in position. Stalkers triggering assassin strike as the rest of the team starts their attacks works great. Unless the attacks they're using are things like 'confusion' or 'flash arrow' that don't actually draw aggro. Then you go back to 'suicide'.

What does not help is the brute saying, "Wow, that thing hit you for a lot! I'd better not attack him -- might draw aggro."

I finished my Jury Duty -- was 'excused' from the case because I said I didn't trust my 'gut instinct' or my ability to 'read body language' when deciding if a witness was truthful, and would instead rely purely on whether their testimony was corroborated or if they had something to gain by lying. Or possibly because I marked 'yes' in the checkbox for 'were you ever accused of a crime?' It was a peremptory challenge, so they didn't give a reason.

About half the jury was excused for cause, though. Maybe next week I can give the details of the case (since it'll be over) if I still care.

That means I have/get to go back to work tomorrow.

Feeling oogy... after voir dire I wandered around downtown a bit and had a bit too much Cheese Steak for lunch, I think.
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