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Games... always about games, isn't it?

What did I do this weekend? Well, of course I played a lot of CoX. City of Heroes mostly, actually -- I played around a bit with my old scrappers. Still very simple characters... boring if played for too long, but relaxing. Zen. u.u Then, after getting annoyed at being a Kinetics buffbot with Flamekin, went back to Litany who I hadn't played a while and finally cleared the zombie and robot missions that had been blocking her -- zombies and robots are almost immune to her powers. It took a long time.

Of course, I also spent some time messing about with Dissention -- the new magic set that was just released. I bought a box and the fat pack, but skipped the precons this time since I figured I'd be getting plenty of cards... and I did, really. So far all I've built is generic Azorius, Simic, and Rakdos decks using only Dissention cards to 'try out the guilds'; later on I'll combine them with other cards in standard to make real decks.

Rakdos is very scary. Simic can be scary too, but not as often. Azorius looks innocent and weak, but usually kicks Rakdos butt. And loses to Simic. Which loses to Rakdos. Weird.

Hellbent is essential -- Rakdos has some very, very broken hellbent cards. Seal of Fire is the bomb.

Azorius... well, it can tap things down, and has a lot of flyers. Key cards for Azorius are Ocular Halo and Shielding Plax. Yes, I know Shielding Plax is supposed to be Simic...

Simic plays kind of like slivers -- the graft cards all let you transfer their abilities to any other Simic cards, then you plop down an Assault Zepplid or Skyswallower, have all of them graft onto it, and smash face with an 11/11 flying trample regenerating untapping critter that can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control. It really is all about building the perfect creature... an impressively organic way of attaining the goal. >:)

I'm totally in love with Simic Skyswallower... wish I had more than one.

Today was supposed to be D+D, but Tom hadn't prepared, so instead we played a new boardgame he had, about hunters tracking down Dracula. The way the game was set up it was supposed to be *very* fast-paced, but no one knew the rules, and everyone kept dwelling over every little choice, and the game dragged on for four hours without any end in sight, and we had to stop.
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