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Silliness, and death.

Cube 2: Hypercube was a very silly movie. Especially the part where the geek and the lawyer make out in the fast-time room and suddenly turn into dessicated skeletons.

CoH hates me. I got the unplayable stripey lag while hanging out in Siren's Call testing hurricane against a swarm of stalker. Prognosis: it doesn't really help. It also doesn't help much against NPC enemies anymore. It was really, really, really heavily nerfed.

It was my excuse to kill off this jerk who refused to get sk'd because she'd rather fight +4s, though. Basically, I herded together the largest group I could reasonably take on (about a dozen, since phantom army was up) applied all my stuff, and started killing them. Since they were white to me, this wasn't all that reckless... an illusion/storm controller can cause a lot of chaos. But they were purple to the blaster, and the few stray shots that got through meant she was eating dirt.

"Sorry... I guess hurricane isn't nearly as useful as everyone told me, it didn't seem to do *anything*!"

She took an sk after that, but quit 'to help her SG' after the mission. Good riddance to incompetent leechers.

But this means that Litany FINALLY gets to chalk up her first team-kill at level 24. That was only the whole reason I made her in the first place. Sheesh!
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