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Weekend of DEATH!

I'll start with the death. Sunday, at Crossroads, after two uninspiring games of magic (I got color-screwed both times), I decided to follow Slox over to Steeltail's place, where everyone was going for the after-gathering thing. Following Slox is always a bad idea, mind, but this time it was almost the end of me!

First, a woman sees I'm following him after he cuts in front of her turning left into the main road through the parking lot, and waves me past... then hits the accelerator and tries to ram me when I follow. I manage to dodge it by going straight instead of turning, and loop back around onto the road, at which point someone pulls out in front of me without stopping, too close for me to hit my brakes -- I have to swerve across the center line to dodge them.

At the four-way stop sign, three people in a row don't. Then on 156th, someone comes up behind me at about 90 mph, swerving into the turn lane I was about to get into and just barely missing me.

And then, when we finally get there, instead of parking, Slox slams his car into reverse and nearly front-ends me. Because he decided he needed to go home and get some crap. Gaaaah. x.x

Anyway, once I was there I had some less crappy magic games, the crappiest being when two people who didn't really know how to play borrowed my decks and played very... slowly... partly because they kept getting distracted and doing other things instead of watching the game. Still better than being color-screwed. }:)

For food, instead of getting pizza steeltail got everyone all excited about chinese... of course, even twice as much food as could be paid for by the donations he got (he kicked in $40 of his own money) didn't actually feed sixteen people. Actually, it would have, but two people waited about an hour before going to take some, and by that point everything had been gobbled up in seconds and thirds.
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