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Cleaning... and stuff.

Okay, I lied, it wasn't 'easy' to clear off the coffee table so that people'd have room to put laptops on it. It was possible, though. And most of the things involved (sorting and filing magic cards and comic books) had to be done sooner anyway (not 'or later' since the table was approaching capacity).

Of course, the day *after* I put all my magic cards away, the new cards I ordered for Dissension arrived. Mostly, cheap crappy rares that I might, conceivably, want to use someday. Sky Swallower, Tibor and Lumia, Shard Phoenix, that kind of thing. Also some uncommons to fill out playsets, the most coveted of which is the Plaxcaster Froglings my graft deck really needs.

Last night's CoH was a new character, a tech-based ice/super strength tanker named 'Cold Solder'. At level one I took jab (a fast, weak attack) and the smashing/lethal shield. At level two I took Chilling Embrace. At level three, I was invited to a sewer team, and we proceeded to fight our way all the way through the sewers to Skyway City, gaining five levels in the process. Five levels where all I had to fight with was jab, ice armor, and chilling embrace.

After levelling up, I went back to Atlas Park and cleared the level 3 mission I'd been about to go do when I joined the team instead. Jab+Air Superiority to kill one clock, haymaker to take out the next... pity it's not quite that easy on things close to my level.

At any rate, at low levels Ice Armor rocks because of Chilling Embrace -- it's a huge slow and minor -damage on every enemy nearby, which is much better mitigation than most tanker sets get at that level. Pity it can't be meaningfully enhanced.

At any rate, it was about midnight by then (or midnight after that and a few other random things, including chickening out before ordering DSL again) so I went and watched Lost. Pretty interesting episode this time, although it just reinforced my desire to, well, tell Sayid everything and lock him in a room with Michael.

God, I hate Michael. x.x He uses his son as a club to excuse all his rotten behavior, and you *know* the only reason he wants to even protect Walt is so that he can prove to himself that he's a good father. Which he's not. He's a dick.
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