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By the way...

Had a session of Tom's D+D game yesterday, in which it was revealed that everything we'd been doing was totally futile.

As the tower collapsed, the horde of undead that had been swarming around it was released from its control, and started spreading out into the woods to rampage at random and/or find some dark, dank dungeon to infest. The vampires were among the undead released, and confronted the party as they tried to flee ahead of the undead army. Fortunately (perhaps) they were able to form a truce, and go their own ways without a fight.

Rhiannon: "I probably couldn't turn *all* of them to dust, and we'd never find their coffins with the tower smashed, so there's no point fighting them."

They spent the next three days levelling up, selling and identifying magic items, and helping the town guard hunt down as many undead as possible from the still-infested forest. Zanzibar and Samuel (at the cube's prompting) went their own way, and instead of hunting down the undead per se, used the cube to take control of them and put them into 'storage'. In case they needed an undead army at some point.

On the third day, they finally finished translating the coded messages retrieved from the tower's lab, and found that a week before they'd even found the tower, the other necromancers (or whoever) had recovered the key to the lich's prison even *without* Rhiannon's mace, and had left to free him. There was only one thing to do -- use Zanzibar's robe of stars to flee to the astral plane, and thence to Eberron, where an artificer could disenchant their assorted stash of artifacts too evil to sell...

Okay, okay, the only thing to do was to wind-walk to the site of the lich's imprisonment and hope that, somehow, the enemies hadn't managed to free him yet in the ten days since they'd set out.

One of the necromancer's magic items had been a 'ring of the beetle' that let you see 'reapers' -- ultra-invisible demons that couldn't be seen even by a normal see-invisible. Zanzibar, insulted by the idea that someone could evade his ability to see invisible, was wearing the ring, and once they arrived in the area they followed the trail of reapers to what they hoped was the correct cave, since the lich's dome was now underground, and that part of the mountains was lousy with cages. If it turned out to be the wrong cave, the backup plan was for Rhiannon to memorize 'Find the Path' spells the next day (replacing the wind walks she'd just used -- it took two to get the whole party).

Following the trail of bodies, they ran into a pack of shadow demons, which were repelled by Rhiannon's ultra-bright light source spell, and then, after crossing a massive crevasse, came to what looked like a section of buried city. They were (probably) on the right track!

As the entered the bit of city, they were attacked by a pair of strange creatures, though -- a hair demon that tried to engulf the party and devour their strength, and a glowing ball of vapor and teeth that tried to engulf the party and devour their magic. The enemies were accidentally defeated when the strongest person stood next to the most magical person, and the two creatures devoured each other... although the ball of teeth won, since it'd eaten more magic than the hair had eaten strength, and had to be kited around the room being whacked with chains and arrows.

last session | next session

Tom always does that -- he sets up a difficult fight, then sabotages it with horrible enemy AI, then complains that we defeat his forces too easily.
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