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We had a barbeque today at work (or for work, at least) to celebrate exiting a milestone, a process that's much easier when you fail to put an upper limit on the number of milestone exit criteria exceptions you allow...

But at any rate, barbeque. It took forever to find the place -- not the park, but the spot in the park where we were gathering, since they hadn't given any directions or maps as to where in the park to go. After a half hour, I was about ready to give up, when I ran into some other people who were also lost but hadn't been searching for long yet, who wanted to drive through one more time... and we found it, finally. It wasn't marked, but we recognized someone walking around.

There wasn't any food at first, so we started playing a game of croquet. Only two people knew the rules, and at least one of them had it wrong, because they kept contradicting each other. Still, I almost won, because a lot of people got bogged down fighting each other and fell way behind.

I screwed up too many times, and someone passed me for the win, though.

We were last in line for food. It was a very long line, because instead of the normal buffet style it was catered with a server who slooowly served one. Person. At. A. Time. One. Dish. At. A. Time. x.x

After eating I just headed back to work, because people were talking about work stuff anyway.
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