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What's the point of no return?

Had a session of Tom's D+D game, in which second thoughts came, not too late, but not convincingly enough, and as a result all is probably lost.

In addition to the scary hair-demon and magic-eating ball of gas, there was a rope golem in the cavern that the party eventually stumbled across. It grappled and nearly killed Zanzibar and Rhiannon and Morgan, but once Zanzibar realized that his attacks were doing nothing, Morgan checked his golembane scarab and confirmed that, yes, it was really a golem, and Samuel decided to charge into melee (under cover of his improved blink spell) and cast rope trick on it.

To everyone's surprise, it worked. With repeated castings, he was able to keep it paralyzed long enough for Morgan to finish it off.

There were shadows and shadow-demons in the cavern as well, but they avoided Rhinannon's light, so the party was free to boggle at the wall of solid blackness that soon came into view. Despite not having any noticeable curvature, they figured it must be part of the dome they'd come looking for, and sure enough tests revealed that things could go in, but nothing could come out. It also served as a total barrier to magic, so things like clairvoyance or project image were ineffectual.

Since the barriar was still up, Zanzibar and Rhiannon were of the opinion that perhaps they should try to search other parts of the perimeter from outside, looking for signs of the party they'd been sort of following (but who probably hadn't come this exact way after all). Morgan and Samuel thought that they should go inside and look for them there, and Samuel decided to force the issue by stepping through.

"Great! Now we can use a single wind-walk spell to go check the storehouse of evil to see if the real skull was even actually stolen, or if this is all a trick designed to feed us to the lich!" Zanzibar said, as Samuel disappeared.

"I'm not abandoning my friends," Rhiannon countered.

"Oh, he'll be fine. He's been dead before -- they'll kill him, and he'll fit right in. Right guys? Guys?" By that time, everyone else had already gone through. When the shadows started closing in (since Rhiannon had the only light), Zanzibar had to decide whether to follow them inside, or teleport home. Against his better judgment, he stepped through the barrier as well.

Inside, an army of skeletons patrolled the streets, although they weren't particularly powerful skeletons. The party holed up in a building (in a rope trick) and used Prying Eyes to scout out the city inside the dome. It was really big -- three hours for an eye to fly the perimeter -- and while there were all kinds of horribly fearsome undead, the two structures that looked interesting were the arena in the very center of the dome, and a castle at the far edge. Since the arena was full of the strongest undead, they decided to check the castle first. But not until after a night's sleep to regain spells.

So in the morning they teleported to the castle, and sent Zanzibar up to check for guards and affix a rope. "It's clear," he said, after using his chilling tentacles power to block off the doors they didn't plan to enter the castle through.

They didn't get far before running into opposition, but Zanzibar was rather chilling-tentacles-happy and made it impossible for the enemy to mass against them, or even fight back, since the skeletons weren't very good grapplers. Of course, that left the hallways blocked off with tentacles and alerted enemies who'd managed to escape into doorways...

last session | next session

In non D+D news, I turned on my old Dreamcast and played a few games. Bangai-O, I remembered why I'd stopped playing -- I got to an impossible level where you had to face an enemy with the same offensive powers as you, but about 1000 times more hit points (not exaggerating in the slightest), in a completely open arena. Phantasy Star Online, I was able to load up an old character and play a few levels, but it couldn't properly save to the VMU and deleted the character when it came time to quit. Luckily I hadn't tried with one of the good characters, although I suppose it doesn't really matter, since I probably can't ever play with them again anyway. Sigh.
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