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Character Pics

This page has the latest three or four pictures uploaded from city of heroes, mostly shots of the costumes for Cold Solder, Siren of the Deep, and Poison Distribution.


Issue 7 so far:
Claws scrapper: fixes work as advertised. I can actually use all my powers in a chain now without some of them being redundant.

Mayhem missions: OUCH these are hard. I died four or five times doing one of Gnomorre's at level 13, all in the same room, where five minions and a boss (all in a tight group) were joined by a longbow ambush. Right inside the door of the bank.

That was the 'unfair' bit. The rest was just hard, mostly because of the constant ambushes and the whole 'fight a hero to escape' deal.

I didn't see any of the side quests or exploration badges that are supposed to be in there. Maybe the King's Row one doesn't have them (since it's the super-low-level one).

Dominator changes: Well, I never charged up the dom bar and had the domination still waiting to recharge, but the domination bar is still usually the bottleneck. Mind/Ice has a lot of powers it wants to throw out, so there's no animation time to waste on brawling randomly or whatever to try to raise it faster. Not to mention that brawling randomly when you're relying on sleeps is a bad idea.

Ice Sword now does about 1.6 times the damage of ice bolt/mesmerize/dominate. That means that if you consider those standard small-damage attacks to be the generally accepted value of 2.7778 brawls, it's 4.3333 'brawls' (although note that brawl itself is going to be more than 1 if you normalize it to that scale).

That sounds like it doesn't suck, until you remember that ice blast is 4.5556 and bitter ice blast is 6.3333, and all those blasts and bolts animate twice as fast.

General UI stuff: Blinking icons, faded icons for short-duration attacks, stacking similar icons, it's all good.

Global chat continuously resetting and periodically clearing pesky chat channels out of your tabs, no so good.
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