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Been watching episodes of Angel recently... I think I'm in the second season? Just watched the one where Angel lets Darla and Drusilla kill off a basement full of lawyers, then fires his entire staff.

I generally write down new passwords when I'm coming up with them, so that I can see them and remember them (it's like navigation -- I never really know the terrain until I've seen the map). I just (while writing this) noticed that I forgot to destroy the last such written down password, and it's been sitting in plain sight right in front of the computer for a couple weeks now. Oops.

It turns out that ice blast doesn't do 4.5 BI for dominators like it does for blasters. Why would they do that? Why take the archetype with the weakest base damage and individually nerf their powers on top of that?

Of course, it's possible that the 4.5 number from the character builder was wrong for all archetypes. I should check with my corruptor. The I7 respec is in, so I might be able to make her playable.

On the one hand, this kind of sucks because it means that they're even weaker than I thought. On the other hand, it means taking Ice Sword wasn't such a bad choice since it's still the biggest attack by far.

At any rate, I played Siren of the Deep some more, and joined the LJ dominators SG ('total domination'). They're making a SG for each AT, and coalating them all, on infinity villain side where most of my villains were anyway. The SG with the most members is of course 'Brute Force', full of level 2 electric/electric brutes created and shelved before the respec came in.

I tried to group with several of the brutes last night, but everyone kept crashing (rather, hanging and forcing a reboot) when they tried to enter one person's missions. I don't know what's up with that -- I haven't seen the problem with anyone's missions but his. It only happened twice (for us, it happened another time for him that he was talking about) so in theory it could be a coincidence...

The other thing to follow up on would be mayhem missions. I've done two more of them, and by 'more' I mean 'additional instances of exactly the same one'. One failure in a duo (ran out of time with one enemy left), and one success in a medium-sized group.

Solo Mayhem: You can gain time by fighting cops and smashing things, but the fights inside the bank are *really hard*. The initial spawn just inside the bank is fixed regardless of team size (!!!) which makes it nearly impossible to fight solo without dying repeatedly. Then there's the hero... a boss at the levels I've done it, but I've heard it scales up to an archvillain eventually...

Duo Mayhem: You can about break even by fighting cops and smashing things. The fight inside the bank is still too hard, and you'll probably die. Coming back from the jail uses up a lot of time, especially if only one of you dies and has to fight his way out through spawns meant for two.

Group Mayhem: Just go for the bank -- stopping to fight anything will lose you time. Smashing objects takes so many to get any bonus at all that it's really, really not worth it (we didn't get even a single bonus for smashing objects despite spending more than five minutes just doing that). The bank took us about seven minutes to rob, leaving us with thirty seconds.

In other words, it isn't really fun at any group size. Maybe it's more fun at higher levels, but I *hate* timed missions in general, and this is most certainly time-critical.

At least you don't have to succeed to get a new contact -- the reward for succeeding is a temp power, which supposedly changes based on level to generally stay useful (lowbies get a travel power, a higher person reported getting one charge of 'ressurect self with full health and immunity to debt').
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