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Hatred of Mayhem Missions...

Last night was a bad night for City of Heroes.

I got in a really awful team with Siren, where I was the highest member (getting basically no xp) but unable to contribute because:
(a) the team was huge, making all my single target powers less relevant
(b) the team was pet and aoe happy, making all my sleeps irrelevant
(c) they decided to fight ghosts, who are immune to most of my powers

At the end of the ghost mission, I took down the Sea Witch and then started helping everyone else fight off the remaining ghosts in her group. On some hidden signal (NOT right away after the witch went down), everyone else clicked out of the mission, leaving me alone against a dozen enemies. I tried to click out too, and managed to exit without dying...

...but not without leaving myself at 5 hp, so that the next tick of damage from a DoT killed me. Outside, for double debt.

Then they decided to go do a mayhem mission, because hey! If the team isn't working out, just do something harder! The first group of enemies we ran into went down easily, but then I accidentally wandered into range of some clockwork, and got held and slaughtered because the rest of the group was fighting off an ambush. Half of them died, and went to the 'hospital', so I followed.

Instead of breaking us out of the jail, the other half decided to take on the bank alone -- so I figured fuck it, I'd break out of jail and see if we could run for the door. I did NOT expect a full group of enemies including two bosses to be waiting just outside the jail cell door (since the jails in other mayhem missions hadn't had any enemies on that floor). I also did not expect them to be still aggro'd on me when I rezzed in a different cell, or able to shoot me through the door and kill me without me being able to fire back.

I noticed after dying the third time that a longbow ambush had joined them in the jail. God, I hate mayhem missions.

Anyway, I quit that team (I logged out to escape the mayhem mission before the timer ran down) and decided to try to solo off some of the thousand or so debt (two bubbles at level 12). That's when I discovered that the 'hang when going into a mission' bug was, in fact, just random, and not related to the person I'd seen it with before. Since rebooting had been so difficult (CoV doesn't like to be force-quit) I decided to wait and see if I'd eventually get in.

Then I decided to go read a comic book, instead of waiting per-se, and just check in every couple minutes. I did eventually get in... after 15 minutes (with domination still up, meaning it'd taken at least 14 minutes to zone).

The mission was 'stop the council spy from escaping', an 'escaping boss' mission of the sort that's currently bugged to automatically fail if you knock down the boss. I didn't worry about that so much, since I didn't even HAVE a knockdown power... instead, I used Dominate to hold the boss. And the mission instantly failed.

Basically, there was nothing good about last night's CoV session. Global chat is still bouncing on and off and randomly clearing your channels or randomly clearing your tabs... it's all fucked.

So around 11 I decided to give up and watch TV... watched another episode of Angel, and a couple of DVR'd episodes of Shaolin Showdown. You know, for a cheesy kids' cartoon, Shaolin Showdown is pretty good.
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