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Note to self: Stop arguing on the internet. KTHX.

Got SotD up to 17, and slotted her up with DOs thanks in part to someone who watched me slowly torture to death a group of goldbrickers (mind control is really good at slow torture) and then handed me 100k inf.

The mission that got me the last half of 17 was with a small pent team, wading through a sea of Shivans in one of Marshall Brass's missions. Shivans are one of the 'run around a lot and haha you can't immobilize or slow us' type of enemies (like warwolves or igneous) that basically use powers from radiation blast, complete with defense debuff. They weren't that hard... they're not big damage dealers, and I kept everything bigger than a minion permanently confused.

The mission took for-freaking-ever, though, and then one of the people in the group lagged out and another broke for dinner, so I logged off (after playing around a bit slowly torturing large groups of goldbrickers with my new DOs) and watched a couple episodes of Angel, including the one where Harmony comes to stay with Cordelia and Cordy thinks she's a lesbian (instead of a vampire).
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