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Running Battle

Had a rather short session of Tom's game, because of father's day. You'd think father's day would mean that the father got to do what he wanted, but instead it meant that his every-two-weeks me-time was cut short by a horde of screaming kids who wanted him to entertain them. That was how his wife enforced the early cutoff time -- she brought the horde of screaming kids, and it was impossible to keep playing.

There isn't much to say about the game, though.

The party fought its way through the castle, through several rooms full of skeletons, and were eventually (after capturing the gate house and finishing off an annoying opponent who'd run from them earlier) drawn into a running battle, until they ran headlong into the first dangerous opponent, who feared Morgan and Zanzibar (they dropped their things and ran away in a panic) and then used a symbol of pain on the rest of the party before fleeing, leaving them alone with a large room literally full of skeletons.

last session | next session

That's as far as we got. The blow-by-blow would not be interesting because most of the enemies were very weak.

I decided to just go home and play city of heroes after the game, although for some reason I decided to stop and get ice cream first. Marshmallows do not go well in mint ice cream, and neither do peppermint patties.
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