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Badge Hunt

Siren of the Deep got up to 20th, and I made a new costume for her -- a proper Eidolon-style gimp suit, since she's supposed to be a super-powered zombie.

Aci got to the last mission of Ghost Widow's first arc, which I want to do before making 41 to avoid having to blow a respec on getting into the patron pool. I joined a team killing Positron, planning to ask them to help me with Numina afterwards. Positron was a pain in the ass! And the team disbanded literally before I exited the mission after he was dead, so I never got to ask. Argh.

So I switched to Ice Weasel, who hadn't quite outlevelled the Strikebreaker badge needed for one of the accolades (or so I hear, I can't actually find a list of what badges you need for what anywhere). He had 4.5 bubbles left to do enough paper missions to get a mayhem, take the contact who gives it, and then do his missions until he finally gave the 'bust up dockworkers' strike' mission... it took 4 of those bubbles to do it, because Lorenz Ansaldo decided that ice weasel needed to do everything else in the world before going after the dockworkers.

At least he's a stalker and can minimize XP gain when he wants! And on the plus side, I got the Seaweed badge for defeating the Sea Witch (far from the first time I've fought her, but the first time I ever got the damn badge)... and discovered that the mission I'd been avoiding doing so as to get the Strikebreaker mission before outlevelling it was the other badge for that level range, so he should soon have the set.

Soon, but not now. Now, I sleep.
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