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The Perfect Quiz

Which ReBoot Character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

I'm also supposedly a stone-cold psionic amethyst... or whatever.

Gah. These quizzes are remarkably bad. I want to make a quiz that doesn't utterly suck. I actually started making up the questions for it, a while ago. The test was to see whether a person was good or evil. It was going to be structured along the lines of the old Ultima char-gen questions, with a twist -- it'd pit virutes against each other to get your primary virtue, then pit sins against each other to get your primary sin, then give you a choice between sin and virtue and see which was more important.

Unfortunately, with 7 virutes and 7 sins, I would have needed 3*49 questions (although not everyone would have been asked every question). And while some of the questions were easy to come up with, others were really hard. How do you pit 'faith' against 'mercy'?

I made about 10 questions, then lost interest in the project. Maybe I'll finish it someday, or come up with a methodology that lets it be completed more easily. Prolly not, though.
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