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Being drunk makes playing a brute immensely more enjoyable. When the alcohol ran out and started to wear off, I didn't trust myself to go out and get more, and had to quit playing my brute and switch to something suitable for playing while sober.

I made a new stalker, spines/regen, on the advice of the LJ channel when I asked 'what's most different from EM/ninja?' I made him very very ugly by using all the costume options that I thought looked neat but didn't fit on any other character -- thunder horns, exposed brain, fu manchu moustache, 'pain pads' shoulders...

I didn't manage to get him up to 6th in the first session, because low-level stalkers suck. Especially low level spines stalkers, whose most damaging attack at low levels is the basic 2.77 BI punch that every set gets. They *do* get a nice PBAOE attack, but... well, they're different, in a way that makes them not so good at stalking at low levels.

I called my doctor and went in to get checked out, and he basically said 'it's probably nothing to worry about, take these pills and call me in three weeks'. I'm not at all surprised that he gave me pills, I think one of his review goals must be 'prescribe *something* for every patient'.
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