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20 physical elements

Using the six basic elements from D+D as the *poles*, and their para and quasi elements as a starting framework...

para-elements: ice, ooze, magma, smoke
positive quasi-elements: lightning, steam, crystal, radiance
negative quasi-elements: salt, dust, ash, vacuum
positive quasi-para-elements: force (energy), wood (growth), phosphorescence, illusion
negative quasi-para-elements: stasis, acid (or poison), negative space (holes in things), shadow

Of course, using that with magic leads to some silliness. A light spell that illuminated the area surrounding the target would be radiance, one that illuminated the target would be phosphorescence, and one that didn't illuminate anything besides itself would be illusion.

Also, there's some weirdness with similar effects coming from wildly different places on the map -- air + water is 'ice', but damaging cold comes from 'ash' which is fire + negative energy.
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