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Some days, you just feel like you should have stayed at work...

All I've been doing since heading for home is crashing.

First, I crashed my car into a cement pillar in the parking garage. Fucking ninja cement pillars. How do they do that? It looks like I managed to only hit it with the bumper, though, so it's just got paint scraped off and no other damage. Lots of paint scraped off, though. Why is there paint on the bumpers, anyway?

Then I decided to try to prepare for the game tomorrow, and Excel kept crashing even though I had nothing open except the file with my notes on the game, which is just plain text in cells. Well, okay, one sheet has some formulas. I wasn't on that sheet.

Then I decided to play some city of heroes. The first bit with Villains went fine, but when I switched over to the hero side, crash crash crash. Sound loop and crash. Didn't they fix the sound loop crash like six months ago? There was a new patch just now that was supposed to increase stability... I'm thinking maybe it didn't work so well.
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