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Mutants and Masterminds

Went over to Lex's last night, but found that he wasn't playing his game after all (as it turned out, this was because Kitsunetaur was missing) -- instead Arthur's boyfriend (whose name I never got) was starting a Mutants and Masterminds campaign. Since I was there, I decided to make a character and try it out.

I decided to horribly abuse the multipower rules. "My character is insane, and talks to ghosts... only he's also a mutant, so he talks to *real* ghosts, and they do him favors." Summon Minions (incorporeal blaster ghosts), Enhanced Senses (what the ghosts tell me), Telekinesis (poltergeists), Mental Transformation (possession), and Illusions (phantasms).

Yes, this is basically 'Litany' from CoH.

Lex made a character that abused the 'some powers work just fine at low rank' bit -- metamorph (rank == disguise checks, but he doesn't care if people recognize him), teleportation multipowered with 'teleport: affects others' (rank == distance, and it doesn't take many to get 'anywhere on earth'), create object 'force fields' (rank == amount of stuff, not quality of stuff), flight (rank == speed).

Raven and Omen made gun-bunnies -- Raven a robot, Omen a natural. They both took the 'autofire' enhancement to their blasts, which in practice meant they could actually kill people in one hit, where my TK and ghosts tended to just wound them. They didn't really abuse anything, but used the 'equipment' modifier that works roughly like BESM as a straight up point multiplier. Most of their points went into skills and stats.

The-girl-who-always-plays-Riku played a 3-inch-high Chibi Riku who weilded a full-sized keyblade and had 'super kawaii' powers (which I think worked out to various mental attacks). She spent the entire session hidden in a compartment inside Raven's shoulder.

For various reasons, the party were drawn to Riko's bar -- a bar near Phoenix Arizona where supers came to let it all hang out. In the rest of the solar system, they had to keep their nature a secret lest the government kill them. The recent destruction of Hong Kong meant that no one was actually fooled anymore, but that didn't stop the government death squads...

But somehow, most of their leads fell through. Lex managed to get hired by a mysterious black-suited mage with a trangle symbol on his jacket, to recover an artifact, but no one would hire Terry (as we'll call the crazy person) despite his insistance that destiny (aka the voices in his head) had brought him there to do a job, and while Raven recognized some *really* big players in the crowd, they wouldn't give her the time of day. Omen would have been hired, but all hell broke loose before his contact could actually give him a contract.

All hell being, first, an angry meeting between the two people responsible for the destruction of Hong Kong in their fight against each other -- the superheros who 'won' and the immortal who'd lost everything except his life. They posed, kicked each others' heads off, etc., then stalked outside, where a massive beam of energy came down from the sky and seemingly incinerated them.

Suddenly, the sky went dark with drop ships plummeting. A few fighters teleported in to try to destroy them, but couldn't get them all. A helpful teleporter opened portals to the desert so that the supers could get together to marshall their forces, and so that the ones who didn't want to fight could run away... the party decided to fight, and took a portal. Except Lex, who teleported on his own, and ended up on the other side of the battlefield.

The bulk of the party faced down against eight super-powered government soldiers. Terry's minions blasted away at them, killing off a mage and wounding a couple others, before a green-glowing energy-shielded soldier took most of them out with an area effect blast. Terry had a poltergeist toss a rock through the energy shield to take him down.

Raven was attacked by a katana-wielding maniac and another, larger, more obviously robotic robot. On the first pass her martial arts were matched by the katana-wielder's incompetence, and she managed to win a contest of strength with the robot as it attempted to grapple her, and toss it to the ground, pinned. Then she took out her gun and blew its head off. The katana wielder shot a dart into her shoulder, and then she killed him too.

Omen had to fight another dual pistol wielder, but proved to be the more skilled combatant, and won in a straight-up firefight. Then he advanced on the normal, human observers, who'd foolishly tried to attack with normal, ordinary machine guns before being distracted by an illusion of extra targets to fire at. He executed them both, but not after interrogating one... and getting no useful info. They were just hired thugs, hired by 'a man in a black suit'.

Across the field, Lex was trying to stay out of combat while turning into a drill and drilling down underground towards the artifact he'd been hired to recover. Unfortunately, he was spotted... he killed the speedster that had stumbled across the hole he was drilling, but then the other nine in his area started closing in... so he teleported above them, transformed into a giant net, and when he landed on them teleported half of them away (the other half made their saves).

The ones who managed to resist set off massive AoE attacks to destroy the 'net', but Lex survived to teleport THEM away too. Around that time Terry's sole surviving minion, in the form of a giant octopus, flew in carrying the rest of the party to join him, since the AoEs had been really obvious. They didn't know what he was up to, though...

So Lex dug up the artifact, and the mage who'd hired him teleported in to take it. Omen recognized him, and he and Raven attacked! The mage took out Raven in one shot, while Terry snatched the orb away with TK, high up into the air. Lex made a force field locking himself and the mage and the orb inside, to prevent further interference, so Terry slammed the orb (the force field didn't block ongoing powers) back down on the mage's head, knocking him out. The mage teleported away.

"Do I still get paid?" Lex asked, but the only response was laughter.

Suddenly, the ghosts of the people who'd destroyed Hong Kong showed up. "Do you know who you just klonked in the head?"

"Of course," Terry said, "That was the head of the illuminati." The ghosts tended to tell him all sorts of crazy things. In this case, they were telling the truth.

The dead people told the party that since they were the ones who happened to be present, they would have to take up the mantle of Saviors of the World. The orb was an 'Erg', an infinite power source (a baby god) that could be used to power the 'ark', which they would now give the party the access codes to, with the warning that if they didn't start saving the world, they would regret it.

Then with a poof, they vanished.
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