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More Running

Had a short session of Tom's game, short this time because it was his anniversary and his wife was breathing down his neck. Right there, at the table. }:P

So, Morgan and Zanzibar were fleeing under a fear effect, while a whole roomfull of skeletons advanced on Rhinannon, Samuel, and Raiina. Rhiannon was able to turn a couple of the weaker skeletons to dust, but recommended the others leave, pick up the weapons the fleeing people had dropped, and flee after them to regroup.

This didn't go very smoothly [despite Eric controlling both Rhiannon and Raiina since Michelle was 'at the airport picking up a friend' for the entire session -- we found out later that she'd taken a quick trip to the PORTLAND airport. W...T..F...]. By the time the fear had worn off and the pair had returned, Rhiannon was trapped inside the room surrounded by ALL the enemies, suriving only because of Righteous Might and some Heal spells she had memorized, while Samual and Raiina had closed the door, locking her in with the enemies.

Also, the death knight who'd run off came BACK, and brought a friend. And a servant -- a creepy wall-crawling undead-healer.

But with Morgan back (Zanzibar took a bit longer to make it, and missed the whole fight) the enemies were driven back once more, until they finally put up a five-foot-thick wall of ice to keep the party from following. The party couldn't break through faster than they could put up new walls, so they eventually settled for blocking them off more with Chilling Tentacles, and looting their bedchamber, and a nearby armory -- finding not much of value, except for an intelligent talking sword that zapped everyone who tried to hold it.

Everything valuable was dumped into their portable hole, and then Rhiannon cast Find the Path to 'the treasure room', since it had to seek a location instead of an object. She got a signal, and led the party off after it, back through the areas they'd explored to a stairwell leading down...

last session | next session

Eric's probably going to run the next game -- Tom wanted me to, but I declined since I was already GMing the game on Fridays and doing two at once is not really a good idea. It looks like he's going to do Mutants and Masterminds, at least for a few sessions -- if people hate it (both he and I were enthusiastic about it from playing it a little) we'll switch to Eberron, which was his other option.

Of course, that's after we finish Tom's game, but apparently we're in the final dungeon. It's just really big.

But at any rate, when I got home I whipped up a character in M+M... 'Shadow', an intelligent talking housecat with all kinds of infiltration skills and the ability to teleport short distances, charm or scare people who look him in the eye, regenerate in darkness, and scratch people a lot:

Power: Strike 8, autofire +2, action -1 (full round) tiring -1 Linked to Stun 8, action -1 (full round)
Alternate power: Strike 8, autofire +2, action -1 (full round)
Alternate power: Stun 8
Alternate power: Strike 8 penetrating (8)
Alternate power: Strike 8 Area Effect (trail)
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