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I spent Saturday picking blueberries.

Well, not *all* Saturday. Only about an hour and a half, actually... but with the preliminaries (playing with my sister's kids) and postliminaries (dinner and Guitar Hero) it took all day.

Between the five of us (well, the three of us actually picking berries and not immediately eating them) we got more than four pounds, which supposedly is enough for several pies. We didn't actually get around to making the pies, but I might get one through interoffice mail or something, since Alex works for the same company.

The sad part, though, is that I couldn't help thinking of it as 'the berry-picking mini-game'. It was fairly tedious, with large numbers of insects and plenty of ways to screw up. No unripe berries! Purge the mummies!

Near the end, Alex staged a raid on the commercial side of the farm (as opposed to the 'u-pick' side where you were supposed to go) and found that all the berries on any given bush there were ripe at the same time, and they were all large and appealing, with no bugs... he picked about half as much in fifteen minutes as the three of us had picked in an hour and fifteen minutes legitimately.

If Alex is twice as efficient, given equivalent bushes, as Aaron, and Aaron is twice as efficient as Anna (because she's carrying around a baby and watching little Stevie), how much more productive is the forbidden section than the public section?
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