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Chaos Field is a horrible, horrible shoot-em-up. No one should buy or play it.

Apparently the Indigo Girls are coming out with a new album, although it won't be available until September... they're still one of my favorite bands.

Thinking of getting Paris Hilton's tape, ever since seeing an article about her that said she was one of the 'modern divas' in the same class as Gwen Stephanie and Madonna (and a bunch of people I don't care about, like Britney Spears and Aretha Franklin) who've both put out very good albums recently. It also said her stuff was 'catchy'. It also said she couldn't sing.

In CoH, I struggled mightily to get my increasingly unimpressive mind/ice dominator up to 27, so that I could cheesily respec and get money back for old level 25 DOs. I swapped out two of the powers I used most often -- Ice Blast and Mass Hypnosis -- for Terrify and Total Domination.

It was a good trade.

Ice Blast is already redundant in the sense that I can just use Mesmerize instead to get 75% of the damage (I need mesmerize around to sleep bosses and AVs while I build domination) without any gaps in my attack chain, especially with hasten up, and later on I'll get more powerful attacks that will *really* make it redundant.

Mass Hypnosis was only useful as an 'oh crap make them stop hitting me!' power -- as a sleep, it was broken instantly on groups, and it wasn't perma even with hasten up. Terrify, on the other hand, *is* perma with hasten, and does damage, and is a fear instead of a sleep (they get one hit, then go back to cowering, instead of waking up entierly).

Total Domination is a mass hold. AoE holds were all horribly nerfed, but while the recharge time is pretty insane (even with hasten), the duration is okay when you put 2 SO hold enhancements in it and (don't skip this step) use power build up. I counted off a duration of 28 seconds for it against whites, which is crazy for a mass hold.

The only problem is that I'm left with no way to start a fight in a group... Mass Hypnosis was pretty good for that, but Terrify is awful -- they each get one attack from Terrify's own damage. Someone else'll have to start the fight in a group larger than two or three (in small groups I can confuse the nastiest couple and then terrify).

So now that Siren of the Deep is no longer painful to play, I can switch to a different character. Yeah, that's the way I think. Just shoot me. }:P

Then we have the game tommorrow night. I'm not going to say I haven't prepared, but it might be fair to say that I'm not prepared. Snowwy being gone (he's going to go see some outdoor performance of the Princess Bride or something) might actually make it easier, in a way, but then leaves the door open for 'ha ha the whole party's completely split up' stuff like we had for much of last week's game.

The problem, basically, is that they're heading into a very deadly area that everyone's afraid to enter -- how do I get that across without just killing them all?
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