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Follow Up

Titan Quest is definately Diablo 3. That's a good thing. }:P

In CoV, someone convinced me to try PvP again, by telling me about this wonderful PvP team they were on before joining me for a few missions, that was totally dominating bloody bay. So we went BB, joined the team, and discovered that they'd *so* dominated BB that no one else was even there anymore. Then I got killed a couple times by drones and turrets while searching for heroes hiding in their own base (and not finding any), and decided to call it a night.

It looks like getting zapped by a drone (the high perception, instakill critters they put in areas where the other side isn't supposed to go) doesn't give debt anymore. Or at least, the time I ended up lying dead at the feet of a drone, I had no debt, while the time I was perforated by a dozen turrets I did.

I still haven't gotten around to making any decks with Coldsnap cards. I probably won't this week, either, since what time isn't eaten by Titan Quest and CoV is going to have to be used preparing something for Friday.
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