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Corn-fed hicks

Had a session of the shadake game over at Lazar's yesterday. Lazar unveiled a whole new skill system... well, not a *whole* new skill system but a major revision of the current one. I think it'll probably be an improvement, but we didn't really get to test it and I'm not sure anyone was paying enough attention to what the changes are to use it properly if I do ever manage to make them fight someone.

This is really only a problem for the fatigue cost for skill boost thing which people have to (a) decide to use and (b) track fatigue for. The changes to skill difficulty and how checks are rolled can be handled mostly by the GM (that is, me).

Actually, understanding the magic system is pretty important too, since if you don't know what the extent of your abilities are it's hard to know whether a flexible skill like that is applicable.

Grey and Alex, with the horse, were separated from the rest of the group, and wandered aimlessly for a while in the mountains, until they stumbled across the old road and decided to follow it west, hoping to catch up with the rest of the group, assuming they'd continued on and were still alive. But when they got to the massive boundary marker, they stopped -- the horse refused to go any further, and Alex was of the opinion that only a total idiot would pass such an obvious 'don't go here' sign.

So they decided to head back -- not to Alma, though, since they were probably wanted not only for horse theft (twice!) but for the murder of the sherriff. Rereading the prophecies (they had the written out prophecies, along with everything else the party had thought important not to be stolen by squirrels, in the horse's saddlebags) they decided that Spokane might be the 'center of the web', if they assumed the sherriff was the spider.

Along the way, they were joined by Jenna, who told them about the battle (of sorts) with Kantrigarr, and Orson's fate, and how she'd been separated from the others but that they'd probably just teleported off. They had no idea how to find them, though...

...until they were walking past Gateway and saw a field of crops suddenly ripen, in seconds. They turned to visit the village, and Den, who was wandering around town trying to buy a gun, spotted them and said 'hi'.

So everyone gathered back together to eat lunch, before leaving the village -- they'd decided not to join Seek on his quest, because he was obviously crazy. Den decided to spike the soup with hallucinogenic pills, and the family they were eating with, along with most of the party, had some minor hallucinations (as it was pretty diluted in all the soup) which the 'christians' (that is, Seek's followers) thought were prophetic visions telling them how to better serve the lord.

But then they left the village, and headed to Spokane. Travelling along a road with a horse and NOT trying to force it where it didn't want to go, they didn't run into any serious trouble. The closest thing to excitement was when Den stole the group's money and used it to buy a laser pistol in one of the villagers near Spokane.

Then they got to Spokane itself, but there was no sign of the gate. They knew that there *was* a gate, since they'd read the Sherriff's papers to that effect, but they wandered around for a while and even though they seemed to be in a central commercial district, there was no sign of it... or of anyone official, or of a town hall... it was weird.

Grey suggested walking the perimeter of the city, then spiraling inwards, as a search pattern. Half the day passed before they realized this was a futile endeavor -- Spokane was HUGE. So instead, they decided to head for the city center.

It was still a long way, and the traffic got a bit heavier (there was no 'horse' lane, so all the cars had to swerve around them -- at least the horse was from Spokane and acclimated to the technology), and night fell before they made it to the tall (20-story) building they could see in the distance. They decided to stop for the night at an inn... which is when they discovered that their money was gone. Not that they would have been able to afford the rates -- $50 per person, per night? It'd cost more than Zedd made in a year, just for them to stay for one night...

So they had no choice -- they continued on in the darkness, looking for the gate. At least the city was lit, so it wasn't *that* dark, and no mugger used to preying on city folk was going to mess with a group of six heavily armed travellers. Around 2am, they finally made it to the big 'Enron' building. 'Bringing power to the people,' said the sign out front.

Seek had told them that using the gate would be expensive, since it used a lot of energy -- $1000 per person, he'd said, was what Portland charged. So, since this seemed to be an energy company, maybe the gate was inside? Or, at least, they could 'get some energy' to power it for them.

The door was locked, so Zedd grabbed Den and teleported him inside, while the others hung around with the horse. The door didn't open from the inside -- it seemed to be on a time lock -- but Den was able to log in to the receptionist's computer and access the poorly secured programs that allowed him to see a directory of the building (it was all offices, no gate inside) and give $10,000 'refunds' to six new accounts he opened for the party. Zedd found some 'power obelisks' in the storage room behind the desk to register as a starting point for each account.

"With $10,000 worth of energy in our obelisks, we can power the gate!" Den proclaimed, although no one was really sure if that was how it really worked.

Then they teleported back out, and headed for the library, which they'd seen nearby, to find a map. Again, Den and Zedd went inside, while the others waited with the horse. This time, Den 'hacked' into the card catalog (at the information desk) and eventually found a search phrase to find out about the gate that didn't give hundreds of millions of results. It was at the 'Cedar Court Industrial Park', which was at such and such address... ah, here's a map program...

Zedd, meanwhile, searched the library stacks. Or, at least, the informational pamphlets near the door. He found some bus route maps, which he figured they could put together to get an idea about how to get around the city. About that time, a security guard showed up and challeneged them, so Zedd teleported them away as soon as he looked away.

Outside, they ran into a pair of cops who'd come in response to the silent alarm in the Enron building, but hadn't found anyone inside or any sign of forced entry. The rest of the party had decided to stay out of sight... the cops asked them if they'd seen anything, and what in god's name the two of them were doing downtown in the middle of the night. Den did an ignorant peasant act, which was only helped by the corn armor they were wearing...

So the cops gave them a ride to the cheapest hotel in town, which was still way out of their price range (given that they were totally broke). The guy at the desk was sympathetic, though, and not entirely unacquainted with broke, ignorant country folk coming to Spokane and getting totally lost, and told them they could sleep in the lobby as long as they were gone before the paying customers (or his manager) woke up.

They thanked him, then Zedd went out to locate and bring in the rest of the party. That got them a dirty look (even though they stabled the horse instead of bringing it into the lobby), but they were able to catch a few hours sleep indoors.

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