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Running Into Trouble

Had a session of Tom's game sunday. We tried to find the path, and we found *a* path... that actually sort of took us where we wanted to go, but only by accident.

So, Rhiannon cast Find the Path, and the party started following it. It led almost immediately into a pair of ghosts, which everyone was leery of facing... so they decided to dimension door past them. But where? Past them into the tower they were guarding? Past them onto the opposite wall? Or past them into the big building at the far corner where the path seemed to be leading them?

They chose option C. Samuel, who still had the staff of travel, used his other staff to cast clairvoyance, and once the room was mostly clear (a patrol of four death knights and a magic-user looking skeleton thing headed upstairs) dimension-doored into the room, right next to one of the four remaining guards. Between Rhiannon turning and everyone else unleashing various deadly effects, the guards were taken down quickly.

...but the path led them right up the stairs the much scarier looking patrol had taken. They'd sort of been expecting that, so they opened the door and... ran right smack into the patrol on its way back down, before they'd gotten halfway up to the next floor even.

The close quarters made fighting hard at first, but when the magic user around the corner dropped a damning darkness spell in the stairwell, that was the signal for everyone to retreat back into the room like they should have in the first place. Morgan and Rhiannon stood as the barrier the enemies would run into, and Zanzibar dropped Chilling Tentacles in the stairwell to disrupt the enemies' advance, with some success -- it never actually managed to damage anyone, but they staggered out of the field in ones and twos instead of all at once.

Unfortunately, Rainna and Zanzibar were hit by the same fear effect that Zanzibar and Morgan had been hit by last time, and ran off, aggroing the rest of the floor in the process -- every door they opened in their attempts to escape let more enemies into the room. Once they were out of doors, Zanzibar shattered the bars on a window to fly away, while Rainna shook off the fear and regrouped on the far side of the room from the initial battle, with Rhiannon and Morgan.

Samuel, meanwhile, shouted something about pledging himself to Lethander (Rhiannon's god) and turned into a huge dragon, grappling with the lich -- because it was the lich -- and one of the remaining death knights while Rhiannon and the others took out the other remaining death knight (they'd killed two death knights and a ceiling-crawling healer before retreating).

Zanzibar came back into the room in time to see the remaining undead spontaneously (as in, not in response to the party's attacks) crumble and fly apart into component bones, landing in the huge pile of bones in the middle of the pit. The lich's skull split in two, one half of it being the glowing bit they'd been searching for to get before the evil people could reuinite it with the half they'd stolen from the repository.

At that point, Samuel (still in dragon form) took out the other half, and reuinited it. "I'll drop the dome now... actually, no. We need to finish off the lich first."

"Don't trust him," Rhiannon said, getting a good look at him and a sharp warning from her god, "He's really evil!"

"Not as evil as the lich," he responded.

Of course, killing the lich was known to be impossible -- it had no phylactory, so it just kept coming back over and over. That was why the dome had been put up in the first place.

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After the game, I stopped over at Lex's. Kitsunetaur showed me their new obsession to replace Magic -- Pirates, a silly little strategy game involving pirate ships and treasure. Maybe we were doing the rules wrong, but the way we were playing it seemed really, really stupid and unbalanced. There was basically no way to stop your opponent from emptying out the islands closer to his home, or vice versa, so it was decided purely by luck. Meanwhile, the large ships (which cost about 19 points, with a captain -- ships without a captain being utterly useless) totally wiped the floor with small ships (which cost about 15 points each, with a captain) in the 'three on one, with the three being specifically selected to have every advantage over the one == victory for the one' sense.

After that, Riku put on Final Destination 3, with the 'choose their fate' option that let you see alternate death scenes for most of the characters.
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